Spirit Beads

"Kundalini Rising"


Kundalini Quartz is one of the rarest and most powerful tools in crystal healing and energy work that you will be blessed enough to acquire. It is found in only one region of the Congo, and only in the Elestial form of natural Citrine. This particular piece glows in a light, honey color.. its many points cascading down towards the main termination like a waterfall of energy. It is dipped in 18k Gold, and suspended from beads of Citrine, Black Onyx, and Gold plated lava rock.

Kundalini Quartz received its name for its ability to awaken primal energy from our Root Chakra, from the deepest base of our being, and send it spiraling upwards towards our Crown - uncoiling like a serpent - activating and igniting all of our Chakras in turn.. it connects us to the dynamic, creative energy of the universe, of Spirit.. allowing us to access that primal force.

Awakening Kundalini energy may have intense, profound effects - and it is suggested that one fully prepare before embarking on this journey of the Self.

The Black Onyx that mostly comprises the strand is a powerful purifier of energy. It felt like suitable crystal armor to protect one during the journey that is working with this Kundalini Quartz. Onyx grounds us into the Earth, providing strength and stability, while our energies mingle with the ether. It rids us of negative energies, and wards away both energetic and physical toxicity.

The process of hand-knotting these Spirit Beads involves an incredible amount of time, love, and meditation. They are reminiscent of mala, or prayer, beads.. some of the oldest and most sacred tools in several cultures. The intention and energy within each strand often makes itself known during the creation.

I charge every piece with healing reiki energy, and cleanse it with white sage prior to shipment. It arrives carefully packaged with a protective, hand-crafted blend of herbs and petals.

Beads measure approx. 38” in length; Pendant measures 2.5”.

Please note: Spirit Beads, as well as all crystal jewelry, requires gentleness when wearing or handling. Please refrain from getting them wet, as that may weaken or fray the silk. Take care with these special stones, and they will take care of you in return.

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