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Pink Tourmaline, size 7


Need some serious Heart Chakra buzz? This stone is for you! Pink Tourmaline is a major heart-healing crystal - bringing energies of love, peacefulness, and joy.

The pink coloration is largely due to the presence of the mineral Lithium.. which has long since been known to treat stress, depression, and anxiety.

Pink Tourmaline can provide protection during ritual work or meditation.. and is particularly effective for anyone who has suffered abuse or trauma.

This chunky gem has been carved from solid crystal.. a true statement piece. These are some of my favorite rings to wear - it appearing as through the Earth has grown up around your finger, around your grasp.

This ring fits a US size 7.

I charge every crystal with healing reiki energy, and cleanse it with white sage prior to shipment. It arrives carefully packaged with a protective, hand-crafted blend of herbs and petals.

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