Precious Earth
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Moldavite, Gold


Raw Moldavite is an energetic powerhouse; a really intense and transformative stone to have on the body. If you've never worked with Moldavite before - begin gently.. the energy in this little nugget is truly incredible. Moldavite is in a group called "Tektite" - which describes natural glasses formed by meteoric impact. It was first discovered and mostly limited to the region now known as Czechoslovakia.

It is associated with powerful extraterrestrial energy, and often produces profound reactions in people who come into contact with it. Anything from a heated, flushed sensation to sudden, extremely energized feeling! Everyone seems to react differently to Moldavite. Its extremely high vibrations are said, once accustomed to, to assist in the evolution of one's personal and spiritual development.

The Precious Earth collection features high quality, hand-selected gemstones that have been electroformed in copper first, before a heavy plating of precious metal is applied. Featured here is 18k Gold. The copper underplating works as an amplification tool for the inherent vibrations of the crystals themselves, as copper is a natural conductor.

Dainty, Gold filled chain.. lobster clasp.

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