Precious Earth

Faden Quartz, Rose Gold, Garnet + Labradorite


Faden Quartz, also known as Tabular Quartz, is an intensely healing crystal. It enhances connections on all levels.. allowing for attunement to higher spiritual energies, to the energy of the Earth, and to others. It is easily programmable, so serves as a very useful tool, but needs to be cleared often. They are used to heal the auric and etheric fields of the body. Fadens are also used in telepathic work, and astral travel.

Faceted Garnet comprises the chain - glistening and majestic. Garnet connects us to our Root Chakra, grounding the soaring vibrations of the Danburite crystal. Three Labradorite beads offset the chain.

The Precious Earth collection features high quality, hand-selected gemstones that have been electroformed in copper first, before a heavy plating of precious metal is applied. Featured here is Rose Gold. The copper underplating works as an amplification tool for the inherent vibrations of the crystals themselves, as copper is a natural conductor.

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