Precious Earth

Auralite 23, Silver


Auralite 23 is similar to the beloved Super Seven Crystal.. however, as the name suggests - can contain up to 23 different minerals. She is a masterful healer, and can assist us in getting in touch with our spirit guides. Auralite 23 activates the Crown Chakra - opening us up to divine connection, deeper states of meditation, and telepathic levels. The crystal is ancient - believed to have formed over 1 billion years ago - and has emerged to usher us through this age of spiritual evolution.

The Precious Earth collection features high quality, hand-selected gemstones that have been electroformed in copper first, before a heavy plating of precious metal is applied. Featured here is Sterling Silver. The copper underplating works as an amplification tool for the inherent vibrations of the crystals themselves, as copper is a natural conductor.

Delicate Sterling Silver chain, lobster clasp.

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