Third Eye Chakra Pendant


Ajna, or the Third Eye Chakra.. rests just between the brows, and the sanskrit term translates to, "perceiving".

It governs our intuition & insight, and when unblocked can lead us to deep wisdom and enlightenment. It allows us to raise our consciousness to the highest possible level, and live in alignment with the universe and its innate perfection. 

The stones and colors of this pendant have been chosen to activate and cleanse this important center of energy - deep blue and Lapis Lazuli, as well as a sanskrit symbol for the Chakra itself. It is all suspended from antiqued chain, with a picture included to display length. Necklace length can be customized after ordering!

My deepest hope as a crystal worker is that you will be able to utilize this jewelry as a talisman to work towards your clearest, best, most positive and radiant version of yourself.. as I aspire to, every day. 

I charge every crystal with healing reiki energy, and cleanse it with white sage prior to shipment. It arrives carefully packaged with a protective, hand-crafted blend of herbs and petals. 

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