Mini Fluorite


Dainty, raw Fluorite Octahedrons, delicately encased in shimmering copper..

Fluorite is a spiritual powerhouse! Green Fluorite, in particular, enlivens the Heart Chakra.. it works with Earth energies to promote growth and renewal. It is also particularly detoxifying, ridding us of toxic energy in our etheric body and space.
Purple Fluorite heightens our psychic abilities. It activates the Third Eye Chakra, and assists in meditation. It is also highly protective.

These dainty crystals measure approx. .75”, and will arrive on 18” solid copper chain. If a different length of chain is desired, please leave a note upon checkout or email emily@seaoxdesigns.com and I will be happy to customize for you!

**PLEASE NOTE: As these are made to order you may not receive the exact stone(s) pictured, but rest assured each crystal is selected for its unique beauty and energetic potency.**

These one-of-a-kind pendants have gone through a copper-plating process known as electroforming. It deposits a thick layer of copper onto the pendant - which also works to enhance the inherent energetic properties of the stone itself, as copper is an excellent conductor. 

Copper has been worn for its healthful benefits for millennia; copper jewelry dates back to ancient Egyptian times. The absorption of micro minerals has proven helpful in joint stiffness, pain, and inflammation. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus it's simply beautiful to wear!

I charge every crystal with healing reiki energy, and cleanse it with white sage prior to shipment. It arrives carefully packaged with a protective, hand-crafted blend of herbs and petals.

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