What's all this about Turkish Amethyst....?


Hello Beautiful

Turkish Amethyst is a distinctly dark variety of the beloved lavender crystal - with some compelling energetic attributes...
If you've been following my recent IG posts and jewelry designs, you may have noticed a flood of this dark wondrous crystal known as Turkish Amethyst.

Amethyst is not an uncommon variety of Quartz Crystal. It varies greatly in formation, hue, and of course - energetic qualities.. but a few things remain consistent amongst all specimens. It brings protective qualities to the wearer, and is mythologically known as a "stone of sobriety" - from the Greek 'Amethysts', meaning "not intoxicated". In modern-day context, it has become a talisman for anyone suffering from addictive or compulsive behavior. 


Let's not forget those Chakras...

Amethyst activates the Crown Chakra - the highest of our seven main chakras.. and the portal to any kind of spiritual / energy work: reiki, meditation, prayer.. it's our portal to our highest Selves, the Divinity within us all.

So what makes this deep, purple Turkish variety so enchanting..?

I'm glad you asked! Amethyst is found all over the world - Brazil, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, India, Zambia, Argentina... but this deeply-colored variety from Turkey - well.. it's special. There's not a lot written on it specifically - if you google it, there's not much to find. So most of this comes from my own personal experience, and what I've received as testimonial from individuals who have worked it themselves. There is something about this crystal, like many other crystals.. that seeks YOU out. People usually have a strong and immediate pull to it, or they do not. If you are feeling this magnetic force.. you're not alone. It worked its magic on me, and I LOVE passing it along to new hands. Have you ever just seen a stone, a plant, a piece of fabric, or even an animal.. and just KNEW that you had to connect with it, that there were lessons to be learned there..?

That reaction seems very prevalent with these dark, glistening crystals. As an Amethyst, it definitely tickles those upper Chakras.. you will feel a lightness, a sense of spiritual "waking".. but there is something more. Something grounding - tendrils of energy that want to plant your feet into the earth, while simultaneously lifting your eyes to the stars. 

Sound magical? It is. 
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